The FL-5000 Keyboard Tray System


FL-5000-PM has side mounted mouse tray | FL-5000-S has floating mouse tray.

Why We Help You:

  • Our Patented Design Keeps Wrists Free From Interference
  • 2 Easy-to-use Knobs For Adjusting Angle, Board Height and Palm Bar
  • Backward Tilting Tray 0-35 Degrees of Adjustment, 15 degrees positive
  • Adjustable Soft Palm Bar
  • Tray has Five inches of height adjustment
  • Comfort Thin Tray provides in-the-lap comfort with no knee interference
  • Slides under Desk for Storage
  • Pencil Tray
  • Independent Adjustable Mouse Tray adjusts to 5 inches of height
  • Padded Mouse Tray Rotates to Desired Position and Stores Easily with the FL-5000
  • Available with the Floating Mouse Tray
Floating Mouse Tray Features
  • Slides left to right effortlessly across the surface of the keyboard
  • Allows the wrist to achieve "neutral positioning" at the center of the keyboard.
  • Adapts to all Flex-Rest trays.
  • Stores over number pad.
  • Reduces space requirements for mouse needs.
  • Mouse Tray 5 5/8" x 10"


Bent Wrist Fully adjustable padded palm bar. Keeps wrist in a continuous neutral position, reducing pressure on the median nerve
Hard surfaces on base of hand. Soft rounded palm bar. Special foam palm bar protects muscles & tendons from continuous compression.
Tendon stress in hand & fingers Backward tilt with adjustable palm bar. When both components are adjusted as recommended potential harmful stresses are reduced or eliminated.
Lack of adjustability. Simple 2 knob adjustment feature. By simply loosening two ergonomic knobs, the tray can be adjusted for vertical and angel comfort, also the palm bar is adjusted with these (2) simple knobs.
Hunched back & extended extremities. Thin keyboard tray with height and angle adjustments. The thin keyboard tray allows for correct ergonomic body posture.
Mouse discomfort. Mouse tray has special built -in-features avoiding angled wrist, keeps mouse closer to user. Padded mouse tray adjusts independently of keyboard tray, with vertical & rotational positioning for best comfort position.
Knee interference. No central mounting mechanism. Side mounting brackets keeps knees from harmful interference.
Too much vibration from existing keyboard tray. Solid metal construction. Use of metal eliminates fatiguing back bounce to keyboard user.
No room on desk to work. Unit mounts under desk for easy storage. FL-5000 slides effortlessly back & forth for quick storage.
Lack of durability; too many plastic components. Use of quality construction. 5 year warranty. All metal construction for commercial use.